Band biography

GIFTER: gif-ter (plural: Gifters)

When you take out your dictionary, you’ll notice that you won’t be able to find the word ‘gifter’ in it. Irregardless, Gifter was able to create a definition of this word on its own. The typical gifter-moment is an eye opener: a moment of clarity. Just like their music: catchy riffs and a clear melody, resulting in a solid mix of indie rock and power pop.

Gifter has quite the experience with touring the country; from the Dutch islands to the most southern part of the Netherlands. They supported The Twilight Sad at EKKO and played at various venues and festivals. The band got selected for Proud of the South, they recorded at the Mailmen Studio with Martijn Groeneveld and they were featured in all kinds of playlists.

People say everything used to be better ‘back in the days’, but the future promises even more. With that thought in mind, Gifter left their postrock-phase behind them and they made place for a whole new formula when releasing ‘Falling Down’. Soon after the clip was released at The Daily Indie, tv-channel XITE broadcasted the clip as well.

The band is now completely comfortable with their new sound and they are working tirelessly on new material. Some good news: Falling Down will get a sequel on May the 25th.

Tour dates


SAT 20 May
Come Out & Play Festival
Oss, Netherlands

THU 25 May
Club 3voor12 dB’s
Utrecht, Netherlands

FRI 2 June
De Pul
Uden, Netherlands

SAT 1 July
AMZAF Young Talent Festival 2017
Arnhem, Netherlands

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